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Reinventing Infection Detection

Detecting Pathogens Takes Too Long

Our patented CAPTURE (Confirm Active Pathogens Through Unamplified RNA Expression) technology solves this problem, and we are now developing a portable instrument to screen for hundreds of pathogens within an hour for less than $20.


GeneCapture's unique approach to disease diagnostics uses rapid RNA-based technology to bring infection detection to the Point of Care; whether that’s a hospital bed, an airport, a cruise ship, or a battlefield.

When my daughter was born the medical team was concerned she might have pneumonia.  After three days of antibiotics, worry and suspense, we were told “Good news! - no pneumonia!”  But that got me thinking about all the misdiagnoses and undetected illnesses out there, so I began looking for a solution. We’ve now assembled an exceptional team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to make rapid diagnostics a reality.  Everyone on our team has a story about a misdiagnosis - so this is personal. 

Krishnan Chittur, PhD - CoFounder

Reinventing Infection Detection

CAPTURE Technology

Using direct RNA hybridization and optical sensing, our validated pathogen detection and antibiotic sensitivity test provides rapid results for on-site, real-time decision making. 


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