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Reinventing Infection Detection

Detecting Pathogens Takes Too Long

Our patented CAPTURE (Confirm Active Pathogens Through Unamplified RNA Expression) technology solves this problem, and we are now developing a portable instrument to screen for hundreds of pathogens within an hour for less than $20.


GeneCapture's unique approach to disease diagnostics uses rapid RNA-based technology to bring infection detection to the Point of Care; whether that’s a hospital bed, an airport, a cruise ship, or a battlefield.

COVID Research...

The GeneCapture team is developing a rapid COVID 19 detection system by modifying its core technology to detect Sars-CoV-2 on a paper strip.  We are working with several of our partners to build and validate this solution.  If successful, it will provide a detection in 25 minutes.  Stay tuned for developments.  

Reinventing Infection Detection

CAPTURE Technology

Using direct RNA hybridization and optical sensing, our validated pathogen detection and antibiotic sensitivity test provides rapid results for on-site, real-time decision making. 

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